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fileDIRINF485 B2011-01-18 21:53
filenucleos-final-board.7z3.52 MB2011-01-18 21:54
filenucleos-final-board.tar.gz17.91 MB2011-01-18 21:57
filenucleos-final-cvs.7z1.56 MB2011-01-18 21:57
filenucleos-final-cvs.tar.gz1.57 MB2011-01-18 21:57


This is a project i started together with MrSaint around the beginning of 2004. nucleOS is a Sourceforge hosted operating system written in pascal and assembler. We never came very far, but we learned a lot about operating systems and how they work. Maybe our work is useful to someone else, so we published our bulletin board posts and a CVS snapshot.